To make up for my last post!

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Mmmm. . . dinner anyone?

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Bluch! And here are yet another three reasons why I don’t eat food that had a face:

Seriously, people. Those do NOT look delicious… no matter how long you cook them.

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Meat prices drop, farmers would rather slaughter than pay to feed

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So this is interesting…

“Since April 15, 2007, pricier, grain-based animal feed (which consumed 40 percent of 2007’s 13 billion bushel U.S. corn crop) has helped hike eggs 46 percent. Got milk? You paid 26 percent more. Conversely, meat prices have dropped, as farmers slaughter animals rather than pay so much to feed them.”  

Check out the rest of the article here.

                                                         But how much are they worth to you?

                             Meat prices may fall… but how much are they worth to you?

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Case Animal Rights & Ethics Society

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The Case Animal Rights & Ethics Society (CARES) is an animal rights club at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. This organization has grown tremendously since its foundation almost 4 years ago. CARES works to spread awareness about animal welfare issues by hosting speakers, holding events, distributing informational pamphlets and posters, etc. Many CARES members also volunteer at the local animal shelter, the Cleveland APL.  CARES has also formed ties with other animal organizations such as Mercy for animals, Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary, any many more.

If you happen to be a Clevelander and are interested in learning more about the club or getting involved, OR if you are interested at speaking at a CARES event, contact CARES president Michelle Cehn at

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For all you boys

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Prince Fielder, first baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, is a vegetarian! Following the footsteps of Kansas City Chiefs Tony Gonzalez who became vegan last year, Fielder is embracing a compassionate lifestyle after being exposed to the horrific mistreatment of farm animals.  Fielder is putting up with rediculous levels of sass, but it certainly isn’t hurting his game, as he smoked two home runs pitched by “one of baseballs best young left-handers,” Cole Hamels of the Philidelphia Phillies. Check out the NY Times article here!

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SlaughterCam – An Innovative Solution

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I just discovered a fantastic website:, a blog hosted by Erik Marcus, author of Meat Market (2005) and Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating (2000). Erik is a pioneer in the animal welfare movement, and is currently pushing for surveillance cameras to be mandatory in slaughterhouses. Installing surveillance cameras in slaughterhouses would serve as an inexpensive, easy, and effective method to assure slaughterhouses live up to the standards they agree to. A facebook group has been created to support this idea and coordinate efforts to make it become a reality. Join the group here! Sign the petition here!

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Earth Day 2008!

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     Some days it feels like McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell are taking over the world. Everywhere I look, commercials and advertisements are encouraging us to consume more and more. But there’s another side to consumption that we don’t see in the price of our burgers – the side of negative, lasting effects of pollution, deforestation, and carbon emissions. Few people know that eating meat, dairy and eggs contributes more carbon emissions than driving cars, and more than half of the water used in this country is consumed by animal agribusinesses. 
     This Earth Day represents an era of change. People around the globe are beginning to recognize how their actions affect the planet, and are putting forth the time and effort to make the decisions that will safeguard our resources for generations to come. I have a newfound confidence in our society, in myself, and in you. I believe that as we learn about the resources and suffering that went into our steak and eggs, we will change our habits to reflect a more peaceful and sustainable world. This Earth Day represents a movement to educate ourselves, to overcome apathy, to instill willpower, and to make a difference.
     This was published in the Plain Dealer as a letter to the editor!

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