A Moment for the Pigs

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It’s funny… when I was little I had no idea meat came from real live animals. I though it was just named after them. When I found out the truth, I was horrified. I had no idea I had been eating food that had once had a face, had once been alive and full of feeling and emotion. By age eight I had become a vegetarian.

Today I am a vegan.

This is why:


This is not natural. But it is boasted about by the Wisconsin Pork Association!

For all those ham, pork & bacon lovers…

Please take a moment to remember the pigs that died for you.



  1. Karen said,

    Tough photos there following the cute rainbow-hued guys. Wow. i’m with you, you know that. Thank you for being a voice for the animals…

  2. karolciakos said,

    Great photo idea!!! It’s sad how people don’t connect the two the animal and the ribs on there plate.

    Take Care!

  3. This Little Piggy Went to Market | Vegan.com said,

    […] Search for Compassion” blog. If this doesn’t get someone off bacon, nothing will. Link. Spread the word: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  4. Susan said,

    Thank you for putting together and posting this.
    I always wonder, what if the pigs were replaced with human beings in the photo series? The horror. But if it’s a pig, no reaction. The human race is so disappointing.

  5. Go-Daddy said,

    As the father of this girl, what did I do bringing her up?


  6. Bea Elliott said,

    Thanks for reminding us. Yet one more reason – glad to be vegan….

  7. Karen said,

    Thank you. You have encapsulated my reason for taking on this fight to save the animals. People are drowning under a sea of marketing information and forget that their so-called “food” is actually the corpses of angelic, intelligent, inquisitive, playful, sentient beings full of personality, with so many reasons to live.

  8. Alex said,

    This is a great post, Michelle!

  9. Debra Durham said,

    A great post. Images of pigs as living, breathing individuals juxtaposed with those of pigs as corpses, commodities, captives really makes the viewer think!

    Another image that will give pause: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:The_Young_Family.jpg

  10. Nikki said,

    I was just reading about how actor, James Cromwell became a vegan after starring in Babe. Seeing this great photo series was a nice follow-up to that story.

  11. michiko280 said,

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

    Pigs are so intelligent… often compared to dogs behaviorally, although I’ve read many scientific claims that pigs are actually smarter than dogs! It’s so horrific to see sentient beings being treated in such a callous way. My hope is that this post will move people to see the beauty and value of a life–no matter what species.

  12. AlisonC said,

    While this was very hard to look at (for me at least), I think it’s necessary for most people to look at these pictures as a blunt dose of reality of what (or who) it is exactly that ends up on their plates. Thanks for posting – I will pass this on.

  13. pig tf said,

    […] horrified. I had no idea I had been eating food that had once had a face, had once been alive and fuhttps://michiko280.wordpress.com/2008/06/07/a-moment-for-the-pigs/Metamorphorum / Links for Pig Tf sitesFeb 19, 2007 … can anyone give me some links to some pig Tf […]

  14. jessi said,

    bc of michelle i became a vegetarian at 14 haha. and then a vegan at 20!!

  15. jessi said,

    michelllleee you r my hero!!!!!!

  16. Robin Small said,

    I too am now a vegitarian, Im tottaly against the aniaml cruelty and I just love animals and I cant stand the fact of eating something that was once soo cute and running around and if it wasnt for me eating it it would still be running around…so i have stopeed eating meat all together and I have never felt better about myself.

  17. Matt said,

    Aw, those little guys are so cute!

  18. j-loe said,

    HOW CRULE!! not really. I just like the piglets. It’s all part of the process of

  19. j-loe said,

    Ok. The slater pics. are grose. they didn’t have to show those.

  20. Sarah said,

    I have been a vegetarian for 2 years now,
    and I thought I had seen the worst of animal cruelty and slaughter,
    but that picture of all the baby pig carcass’, that was awful.
    Maybe people don’t realised that these are animals too.
    Pigs can be pets too, in fact, pigs have the same intellegence as a 3 year old child!

  21. KERRI. said,

    my parennts wont let me vegitarien but i will stop this and i willl find a stop to animal cruelty im 12 and im heartbrokjen everytime i see pigs in a semi falling over while getting a ride to the butcher shop i cry everytime ..

    will find a stop to this but i cant do it alone YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

  22. asholey said,

    i cant belive they would do such athing pigs are my favorite animail no joke!!!!

  23. j-loe said,

    Ya, mine too, and I had pigs in 4-H. One qyestion, why are vegetarions looking
    at pics of pig slaughter? I thought they would hate it the most.

  24. Bobby Joe said,

    I’m a vegetarian. But I have live stock too. I like to hunt and kill animals,
    but I don’t eat them. I leave that up to my bull dog jake. This may disturbe some
    of the audience, but…

    i like ham.

  25. j-loe said,

    Your sooo mean!!!

  26. Bobby Joe said,

    It’s all cool, I don’t like myself either.

  27. Bobby Joe said,

    what eva!!

  28. meat eater said,

    you vegans/vegetarians are so Hypocritical. First thing is that plants have feelings too, just because they don’t have cute faces or make sounds of agony as you slice them apart alive doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain. the secound thing is if people stoped eating meat Huge Numbers of animales would die and a lot of animales are better of being are food supply because the Life goal of all animales is reproduce and spread there genes and because we eat there populations are huge more number than any that could exist in the wild. That isof course if they could live the wild again seeing how most animales we eat have been tamed to the point were they would die without us.

  29. meat eater said,

    i would also like to point unlike plants which are processed into food aliv, animales likepigs are killed painlessly because its effcient and secoundly none of those pig pictures show a single mistreatment. yes even the one with the baby pigs pilled up because we don’t know how they were killed

  30. Michelle said,

    Meat eater, I encourage you to watch the movie Earthlings, which sheds some light on the way animals are treated in factory farms.

  31. meat eater said,

    animales twitch after there dead and yes event there legs will move or make small amount of noise because the nervous is still sendin random messages even after the brain is destroyed. A rare factory might mistreat them but most don’t because it isn’t cast effiecent.

  32. shelly said,

    piggys are people too
    they have feelings
    and mommys
    how would you feel if someone did that to your family
    i like piggys when they are alive
    and heath ledger is that bomb
    anf=d i like oiggys
    so stop killing them you big meany

  33. Anonymous said,

    plants have feelings and mothers also so what?

  34. Anonymous said,

    this made me hungry.

  35. AgTip said,

    C.A.F.O. = Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation.
    Not only is it disrespectful, dirty, cruel, and robs a living being of its life, it is dehumanizing. It is ugly and thoughtless and, yes, heartless. Can you spell EXPLOITATION?

    I refuse to eat pork that I do not know the source of.


    The way things are, we must feed from the river of life. That means we eat of life.
    Most of you have not grown up in the country. Did you know that many small family farmers see to it that their critters have a “quality of life”? They help keep them clean, feed them healthy foods, give them clean water, let them lead a healthy life that even has happiness in mind. I even “educated” my livestock. I thought about their “entertainment” and spiritual growth. My critters were happy living things. I bred so the critters could have a sense of continuity, a sense of family, a sense of flock or herd. There would be a grandma sow or Bonny Prince Charles, the old rooster.

    Then, in the still of the night, a non-laying hen would disappear from the flock.
    Without a sound, a fat pig would disappear. The extra little billy goat would be gone.
    I was the stealthy specter of death. The coup de grace. Silent, painless, ZERO trauma.

    It’s a trade. I give them a good life; a healthy life, a life safe from predators. In exchange, when their population grows to large for me to keep, I dip one from the river and prepare it with respect. I pay them my gratitude with good food and respect.

    Can you spell HARVEST?

    And around and around it goes.

  36. jackie said,

    thank you you have opened my eyes!!!

  37. meat eater said,

    eating a plant is no more justifable than eating a plant.

  38. Anonymous said,

    let me correct the last statment the last to words are supposed to be eating meat

  39. MARWAH said,

    oh my gosh this is so sad!!!!!! i ❤ pigs and this is just horrifying. i do not eat pork at all it’s my religions and even if i was allowed i would never eat pork. and the firt pic is ssssooo cute i love pigs pepperoni is nasy it smells bad and it’s gross and oily and worst of all it’s pure baby pig fried sliced and served and everyday the average american consumes more than 100’oo pigs every single day. how sad please america stop killing pigs stick with cheese pizza and cow or chicken NO PORK!!

  40. foodbubbles said,

    My omnivorous boyfriend saw the adorable picture of the rainbowed pigs and said, “I wouldn’t eat such cute pigs. I eat them when they get older and uglier.” Sad face. I wrote an article about how bacon used to be before factory farming. I figure that if I can’t get people to stop eating them outright, I would like people to eat them in a more humane and sustainable way. (See http://foodbubbles.wordpress.com/2008/11/19/bacon-it-used-to-taste-even-better/)

  41. anna said,

    NO HOW CAN THAY DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. SNoW said,

    This is so sad.
    My story is very similar to yours.
    I became a vegetarian when i was four and i’ve been one ever since and will always be one.
    Thank you and take care.

  43. Hillbilly said,


  44. coolguy said,

    you retards actually care about these lifeless sacks of meat what the f dude buddy guy bro bra

  45. coolguy said,

    the other day i threw a pig into a woodchipper just for laughs
    and it was so fun

  46. coolguy said,

    it was life changing and did i mention it was fun yea it was

  47. rheanna said,

    i can not believe that! i was vegetarian because of some of that horrible crap! Pigs happen to be my second favorite animals next to kangaroos!

  48. danny said,

    you guys are assholes jerks how would u like it if i did that to u

  49. caelin said,

    you guys are assholes jerks how would u like it if i did that to u

  50. Kate said,

    Wow I used to have a pot-bellied pig who was very gentle and loving!!!!!! I would assume most other pigs are!!!! Plus I had him since he was 7 weeks old-12 years old and only got bit once for startling him!!!! But thank-you for saying what the pigs would say if they could talk!!!!

  51. Laura said,

    Great section on pigs. It drove me to tears. I wish people would wake up and realise that just because the meat is already being sold in the butcher’s/ supermarkets, doesn’t mean they don’t have blood on their hands. Most people are able to desensitize themselves from what is really going on, some of us cannot and will not though.

  52. piggletta said,

    Anyone know what cycle of life is?
    People in China eat cats and dogs, in many places the dish of the day is dolphin. What can we do about this? Nothing.
    The truth is sad, cruel, but if another animal dominated the earth, they wouldn’t hesitate in gutting every human for a side dish!
    There is no need to go “vegan”, millions of humans will eat the bacon for you!

    Anyways, I love pigs, totally adorable. But I also love bacon and sausages.
    Still, sad and horrible pictures, but the worst is actually seeing anorexic babys and children because of the lack of food. I think this topic is more worthy of human preocupation.

  53. Anonymous said,

    I can’t believe this what actually hppens to pigs and it is really sad:(!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Anonymous said,

    The person that said plants have as many feelings as animals is an idiot, i am a biologist and know for a fact that plants don’t have nervous systems or brains. So it is ridiculous to say killing plants in the same as killing animals!

  55. pig lover said,

    doesnt this make you cry poor harmless creatures killed just for you to eat

  56. Destiny Rose said,

    dude, you really shouldnt have he pictures of them dead thats really f’d up uo!!!!!!! XP

  57. Jannah06 said,

    Oh My God! To That Coolguy, Or Whoever The F*** You Are,

    Dude Your F****D UP!

    How The Hell Could You Just Throw A Pig Into A Wood Chipper?
    What If Someone Did That To Your Mother Just For Laughs? I Don’t Think You’d Be Happy! You Should Be Hella F****N Sorry!

    Killling Pigs And Other Animals Is A Horrible Thing To Do You Asshole.!

    • kacty said,

      yeah ur right i even have a pet pig of my own shes a cutie 😦

  58. Jannah06 said,

    And Also,To Meat-Eater,

    Just To Let You Know First Of All Plants Don’t Have Any Feelings Because They Don’t Have Any Nervous Systems And If Large Numbers Of People Stopped Eating Meat How The Hell Would Animals Die?

    And Also, Pigs Are Not Killed Painlessly Because They DO NOT Use Pain Killers On Them Before They Kill Them Or Whenever They’re Slitting Their Throats While They’re Still Alive.

    Why Don’t You Learn Your Facts Before You Say Anything.

  59. piggletta said,

    Dudes, how the fuck can you not understand the fucking cycle of life?

    fucking idiots u all are! the ones that get a laugh out of animals’ suffering and the fucking veagans that think that pigs and cows are gods.

    Fucking get a life.

  60. kelsey said,

    Ah yes. Thank you so much for posting this. That is exactly why I became a vegetarian. I was looking on peta online and I saw a video of a Chinese fur farm. Then I looked up how they kill animals for food and I cried and cried. I think it’s so sad. I am 16 and have now been a vegetarian for seven months. It’s not long but I never plan on turning back. I feel better about my life and healthier than I’ve ever felt before. Vegetarian is the way to go! 🙂

    • kacty said,

      yeah i loved that u sad that me too 😀

  61. mr swirl said,


  62. E.P. said,

    Most of the pictures made me hungry.

  63. Kristina said,

    I love pigs and I don´t like meat.

  64. farmer said,

    no offence this i life though its been like this for years it wont change anything now so why bother

  65. pig farmer!! said,

    farmers have to make money from what they sell pig farmers are having a hard enough time at the moment as it is they dont need all you vegys trying to stop all this u lot are strange people.

  66. carmine pannizzo said,

    is it weird if im hungry now?

  67. Anonymous said,


  68. pig lover said,

    i love pigs and ill never eat them. pigs are so wonderful and for all the people kill pigs out you only do because there smarter then you!

  69. pig lover said,

    i love pigs and i’ll never eat them. Pigs are so wonderful and for all the people kill pigs out you only do because there smarter then you!

  70. largeblackhogs said,

    I have to say as both an animal lover and meat eater that I cannot stand seeing these huge factories where pigs grow up never seeing the true light of day, eat fresh fruits and veggies, and root around in the ground as they love and live to do. Thats why I raise heritage breed Large Black Hogs. I get to know that their entire life from the day they’re born to the day they go to slaughter has been the best life for them possible. I think that judging people based on what they eat is ridiculous. I have a best friend that hates eggplant. I love eggplant, but we’re still besties. Thats the same thing. All living organisms feel. I think its our job as human beings to let everything live as well as possible.

  71. Kat said,

    I saw the picture of the pigs sticking their snouts out from the holes I. The transport trailer…wondering if I can use it in one of my blogs?

  72. Anonymous said,

    Thank you

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