The Launch of My New Website!

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I’m excited to announce the launch of my new website and vegan video series,!

I’m starting Vegan Break as an attempt to make veganism more accessible to the general public. I’ll be making short videos a couple times a week about all things vegan–vegan products, book and cookbook reviews, cooking, health, nutrition, under-reported food news, and much more!  Here is the first episode:

If you’re vegan, thinking about going vegan, or just interested in healthy compassionate eating and living, I hope you will enjoy my website and find my videos helpful!


Michelle 🙂



  1. Joanne said,

    It is so good to know that there are other people living in NE Ohio that have sensitivity and values–most people continually search for answers to all that is wrong but do not want to make changes in their own lives (like eliminating meat and dairy ) . Most people have no idea of the impact of their diet on the planet so they keep talking about recycling and wearing T-shirts that say “Go Green” or whatever… while they eat their steak and eggs and don’t want to think about the misery of the animals that cry and fear…. and after these same people stuff themselves they continue to buy lots of stuff they don’t need from countries that have no regulations or standards which are shipped to us in crates that have beetles that destroy our trees … while some deny that the temperature of the planet can really be rising–they like to say that billions of years ago we had rising temperatures—its easier to stay in denial…don’t rock the boat

  2. goodbear said,

    good luck with your new site and video series! i’ll subscribe to you on youtube.

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